Joining the Club


Further to the recent Club AGM, Su Price has now stood down from the position of Membership Secretary after many years of fantastic service – thanks Su! Ivor Oatway has now taken this position on and in doing so during the handover they have updated our membership system, please see below for the new joining procedure.

If you have any questions about joining the club or existing memberships, please email

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Juniors – please email PTC Membership to enquire about joining

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You will need to install Stack ‘TeamApp‘ on your portable device or visit the TeamApp website (Desktop version is available), search for Plymouth Tri Club, and register yourself – please use your actual name for this, this is so that the Coaches can identify you!

The Stack TeamApp is used to book attendance at our Club sessions and for Emergency contact details for the coaches. Below is a screenshot of what the App looks like on a mobile phone.

Joining for adults

***Please note new procedure – Online membership ****

  1. Make sure that you have a good, current head/shoulders passport style picture of yourself on your computer, this will be required for joining through online on the Stack TeamApp
  2. Download and complete the membership form below – then email this to 
  3. There are now TWO options for payment – annually at £50.00 upfront with automatic renewal option (this can be cancelled at anytime) or Monthly Direct Debit at £5.00 per month choosing this option will generate an invoice and the Direct Debit mandate for completion with a link to accept
  4. When joining up on Stack ‘TeamApp‘, please ensure that you join either the Adults or Juniors group (the one that is relevant to your membership) and provide your real name, emergency contact details and photo for safety reasons (Juniors will not need to add a photo at this point). Coaches will have this information prior to the session that you are booked in for attendance
  5. Pay for any session that you are attending through the Stack Team App prior to attending
  6. Ensure you read and agree to the club rules and Privacy Policy

Now you’re a member:

  1. Join our exclusive Facebook Group, ‘Plymouth Triathlon Club Members Group’ and our join us on the Strava App – CLICK HERE for our Strava page
  2. Juniors and their parents/guardians can join our Facebook Group, ‘PTC Juniors updates and messages Group!’
  3. Take a look at our Facebook Page, ‘Plymouth Triathlon Club’.
  4. Download the app, Stack ‘TeamApp‘ to your phone, tablet or computer – book attendance at some sessions, sessions must be paid for before attending.
  5. Check out the Members benefit page for discount with your club membership

See what benefits await:

Membership Benefits